Cool treats mean sizzling sales. Heat up your concession stand or business' profits with a durable shave ice or Sno-Kone® machine that cuts through ice with ease. Machines are available in battery-operated, electric, polar-bear shaped to attract attention, and hand crank. Plus, we have a wide assortment of carts, displays/merchandisers, flavors, accessories, supplies, and much more! We've been helping to make Sno-Kone® a household name . What can we do for you?

Heat up sales and make cool profits with shave ice and Sno-Kone® easy-to-use machines. We have the right machine for your needs, including an eye-catching polar bear and a go anywhere battery-operated unit.


3150SK (1)Carts
Increase sales and get mobile with attractive shave ice and Sno-Kone® carts. Plus, they set the machine at the perfect operating height.


Sno Kone & Shave Ice Supplies/Displays
Get the sale with attractive displays/merchandisers, and serve customers in a flash with these handy Sno-Kone® bottles and dispensers.


Tickle their taste buds with a rainbow of shave ice and Sno-Kone® syrups. Or, pack in the pucker power and double your selection, without doubling your inventory, with Sour Attitude. Our Deluxe Sno-Kone® Syrups are made with AllCane Sugar and do not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup—they are the best alternative.


 1175Accessories & Cups
With our eye-catching plastic and paper cups, you’ll find what you need to serve this sweet treat. Our heavy duty cups let your customers enjoy their Sno-Kone® for hours.