HotDog Machines

steamer CS3EV

CS3EV - Hot dog steamer Roller Grill

Placement:  This is a counter top steamer for Hot Dogs used to pre heat & should be placed in the serving are facing the front counter making it visible &  easy to serve. 

Electrical Specifications: 230V 50Hz, 1020 Watts, Single Phase-15 Amps Plug.

Features: 3 heating elements alimentary aluminum, Teflon container, power control system, Pilot lights. With the traditional hot dog machine, the sausages are steamed in a Pyrex cylinder above a pan of water. Store up to 40 sausages in the 2-section basket keeping the cooked sausages separate from the uncooked.

CS 3 E: Hot-dog machine with 3 heating pads to toast the specific bread for hot-dogs.


Width –18 Inches (46 cm)

Depth – 12 Inches (31 cm)

Height – 16 Inches (41 cm)