Funnel Cakes



Country of Origin: USA

Brand: Gold Medal                                         

 Electrical Specifications:    230V 50Hz, 6600 Watts, 15 Amps Plug.

Product Description: Classic function meets high-power output. This 6600-watt deluxe fryer cranks out cake after cake with the same cook surface as standard tubular models, and promises quick heat recovery to ensure it's always at ideal temperature for the next batch. Fill it up with a hefty 62 lb. of cooking oil, and watch the high efficiency ribbon element go to work. Includes side-mounted remote power switch.

Safety: Built in safety feature: All Gold Medal fryers have two thermostats. One thermostat works with the heat adjustment dial to control the working temperature of the oil. The other is a high limit shutdown thermostat that operates if the first thermostat should fail

Additional Features:

  • Now with Digital Controls!
  • Increased oil capacity
  • High efficiency flat ribbon type heat element
  • Faster recovery time
  • Higher production
  • Oil pre-heat circuit warms up solid shortening at reduced power


 A – 18 Inches (46 cm)

Width – 29 Inches (74 cm)

Depth – 26 Inches (66 cm)

Height –15 Inches (38 cm)