Fudge Puppy



 Fudge Puppie Display Case, Lighted

Motorized. Lighted

Placement: This is a counter top Fudge Puppie display case, used to display Fudge Puppies. Ideal place to install the display case is at the front counter, making it visible to the customers.

Electrical Specifications: 230V 50Hz, 80 Watts, 13 Amps Plug.

Features: Electric Fudge Puppie Display Case. This unit has a rotating display and interior light. This Fudge Puppie display case is our most popular way to display waffles on a stick dipped in chocolate.
Fudge Puppie display case in not refrigerated and not heated.

Dimensions:Width – 18 Inches (46 cm)
Depth – 18 Inches (46 cm)
Height –28 Inches (71.5cm)